All Size Perforating Ltd. is an exclusive manufacturer of grain drying equipment for new and existing Bins, Quonsets, or Piles. We specialize in full round flooring for grain bins as well as quick install partial aeration systems. All Size is a family operated manufacturing business founded in 1978 by the late Peter P. Friesen (1937-1999) in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. For over 35 years All Size proudly stands on top of their products and can handle anything you throw on them.

In the early stages of business, there were many trial and error periods where the focus was on perforating various screen sizes, hence the name All Size Perforating. It was realized that the perforating idea might have potential in the agricultural market for aeration purposes. This was the venture that helped the business in becoming a corporation in 1981. The competition became tough and in 1984 on top with a drought period in dry weather, All Size Perforating Ltd. almost faced bankruptcy. Product innovations came underway. It seemed to be the V-Cross Duct system was the all time favorite among farmers in 1985. It was peddled to farmers looking for the “cheapest most economical” system together with All Size Perforating Ltd.’s own Adventer Fan. This is what boosted the sales figures to help the business Survive. It was then that the latest state of the art technology was put into production that proved our aeration floor to be one of the strongest in the market by design. Expansion is taking place today in providing the market with Another Division of All Size Perforating, a screening division named All Size Screens was created, as was the original intent, and distribution of various sizes of perforated screens, woven wire mesh and bar grating.

In 2006 the Company faced a challenge of a new product being developed in the industry, a newer design of flooring panel to with stand greater loads and with higher grain bins being the choice in flooring for storage bins. We had no choice as to design a stronger panel ourselves. This is where we designed the “TRUSS” floor panel. This also is where it took us to the next level in designing a newer stronger floor support as well named “Syntiro” meaning support.

In April 2009 All Size Perforating faced its biggest challenge to date with a total company loss from a fire. Hence designing the new support was on hold and time was of importance to get the Company and products back on the market. We rebuilt the company and began manufacturing at about 50% capacity by May 2010 only 13 months later. We continued design and build of the NEW Syntiro support system and completed that build in fall of 2011. Together with the Truss floor panel and Syntiro support system we are proud to be one of the World’s strongest flooring system manufacturers for aeration storage in the market today.

To this day All Size Perforating is adapting and innovating on a regular bases to provide a superior and easy to use product.