Grain drying systems

bin floor

We offer a variety of grain aeration systems specializing in our grain aeration flooring which is perforated in .050 and .094 sizes. Our new Syntiro support is the strongest on the market and extremely easy to use and set up. In addition, our flashing fits around any bin size.

duct system for grain bin

Our duct systems, which are available in a cross style or a Y style (24” and 32” sizes) range from 16ga to 18ga galvanized steel. Additionally, we offer fan transitions in any size needed.

We still offer our snap lock supports that can be made to fit any size bin, and T flashing that will fill any gap between flooring and a flat surface.


Our screens come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, gauges, materials, and are custom cut, including a variety of wire meshes. Screens are perfect for seed cleaning, but suit a wide range of uses.

hopper bottom cone

Transform your flat bottom bin into a hopper bottom bin adding more bushes.