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    Whether you have 10 feet or up to 100 feet of grain, ALL SIZE can support whatever you throw on them. If it’s size and strength you want, the “TRUSS 20” floor system is for you. Made from G90 galvanized metal, the “TRUSS 20” gives you superior strength with minimal aeration loss. The “TRUSS 20” is able to withstand up to 100 feet of grain. With strength like that, the “TRUSS 20” floor is a must for bins over 30 feet high, and can be an option for smaller bins for farmers who want a stronger floor.

    ALL SIZE manufactures a variety of grain aeration products as well as distribute perforated screens. ALL SIZE also chooses the best metal to put into their products. Their flooring systems are made from G90 (galvanized) metal for superior strength and corrosion resistance.

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